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CNC Milling / Routing Machines

CNC Machines

The 10060 CNC machine is designed and built in Poole in the UK; We have designed the 10060 specifically to accurately machine non-ferrous metals like aluminium and brass, but works just as well on other materials like woods and plastics.

Stepper Motors

High Torque Stepper Motors

We offers a large range biploar and Unipolar step motors in standard sizes, from Nema 8 to 34. all of our stocked models are the high torque style, with holding torques up to 12Nm.

Easy Servo System

Easy Servo Systems

The Easy Servo system is a closed loop stepper system, high starting & low speed torque, high stiffness at standstill, extra low heating, smooth motor movement, no hunting, no overshoot, zero settling time, and no tuning for most applications.

Servo and stepper systems

Servo systems

Our range of Kinco Servo Systems are ideal where performance, reliability and competitive prices are key. Available with Step / Directions, +/- 10V and Field Bus options including CANOPEN and Profibus.

Kinco Servo Systems
Precision Ballscrews

Precision Ballscrews

Precision ballscrews in rolled C7 and C5 and ground ballscrews in C3. 6mm to 50mm diameter with lengths up to 6000mm long in various leads and ballnuts types. End machines also available in-house.

Precision Ballscrews
OME Profile Rails

OME Profile Rails

We stock the BGX range of Profiled rails from OME in 15, 20, 25,30 and 35 size. The Bearings are available in Caged and Non caged design The Advantage in the BGX 4-Groove Even Load Design are: 1.Quick light movements. 2.lower friction 3.Bigger load ratings. 4.Higher stability. 5.Long life.

OME Profile Rails
Kinco HMI

Kinco HMI and Text Displays

Kinco's range of HMI are a low cost, but high performance solution. There is the Economical MT4000, the High performance MT5000 and the MD200/300 HMI Text display.

Kinco PLC's

Kinco PLC's

K5 series low cost PLC and the F1 series is one of the pioneers adopting IEC61131-3 standard in China.The standardized software and architecture laid the foundation for open programming software.

Kinco AC Inverters

AC Inverters

Kinco vector control VFD (frequency inverter) integrates the characteristics of compact design, easy operation, and effective cost, including CV100 Series, FV100 Series offers closed loop control and functions such as unique over current, stall and torque protection.

Kinco VFD
Pneumatic Products

Pneumatic Products

Pneumatic Products include Pneumatic Cylinders, Solenoid Valves, Air Combinations, Tubing and fittings.

Miniature and residual circuit breakers

Miniature and residual circuit breakers

These devices are used to protect against short circuits and overloads of wiring installations and loads in panel boards, office buildings, stores and similar applications. Their purpose is circuit protection, circuit isolation and load operation controls

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For all thats in motion......

Zapp Automation Ltd is a company built on a strong foundation of customer service values.

We offer our customers an extensive range of quality, value for money automation products, supported by a team of friendly, efficient and knowledgeable staff.

Located in Poole on the South coast of England and predominantly distributing across the UK, Eire and mainland Europe. Zapp Automation has established itself as a market leader in the mail order automation industry offering a friendly and personal service to customers ranging from trade professionals and businesses to amateur DIY and hobby enthusiasts.

Zapp Automation supply a wide range of electrical and mechanical components for the automation industry.
Our range of products include, but are not limited to:

  • Ball Screws & Ball nuts.
  • Profiled & Round rails.
  • Linear Bearings for profiled or round rails.
  • Mounting accessories for ball screws and rails.
  • Flexible couplings.
  • Stepper motors.
  • Stepper drivers.
  • Servo drivers.
  • Servo Motors.
  • Spindle Motors.



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