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The best automation shop I have worked with in the World, hands down. Excellent service always most interested to give the right advice, before selling products! Thank you. .

Gary Styger - - October 10, 2016


Gary has been incredibly helpful. He gave me support and advice even before purchasing any products. I have just bought ball screws, which are excellent quality and we'll priced! You won't go through with Zapp Automation!

Rok - - July 16, 2016


Great online shop. I bought 90% of parts to modify my manual mill to CNC. Will be using this store again to do a 4 axis lathe CNC conversion.

Jason Price - - July 8, 2015


I placed my order on Sunday and in less than 2 days, Tuesday noon, I have already received them!!The products were well protected and they are great! The support from Gary with my order and the service from the shop is simply excellent!!

George - - April 5, 2016


Great shop has everything you could ever need, and of course Gary a man of infinite knowledge and patients

Teelzebub ( Terry ) - - July 5, 2015


Very good. Item really well protected for its long journey to New Zealand

Terry - - February 2, 2015



ramunas - - November 11, 2014


After 6 months of design and build, I had the first movements on my milling machine last night with the screws and motors (closed loop steppers) I purchased from you. I have to say I am very happy with the support you have given.

George - - August 14, 2014

Single & multi turn absolute encoder servo systems are now available from Zapp Automation Ltd



Single & multi turn absolute e...

The New range of CD3 and the FD3 AC servo motor drivers ...

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Large range of Pneumatic systems are now available from Zapp Automation Ltd



Large range of Pneumatic syste...

Large range of pneumatic products available form Zapp Automati...

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Zapp Automation Manufacture a growing range of linear stages in standard form or to customers specifications.



Zapp Automation Manufacture a ...

Zapp Automation Manufacture ...

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FD112-AA-000 DC Servo / Stepper Motor Driver



FD112-AA-000 DC Servo / Steppe...

The FD112-AA-000 DC servo driver for DC Brushless servo a...

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