The FD112-AA-000 is a new product form Kinco and is a DC servo driver for DC Brushless servo motors, but also two phase closed loop stepper motor (With Encoder).

This driver is ideal where you may wnat to add a stepper motor to a motion controller that only outputs +/-10V.

The FD112-AA-000 driver accepts control signals from step and direction, +/-10V, Analogue speed/torque reference and  also CANopen Communications.


  • Supply Voltage - 24-70V DC
  • Rated Current - 6A RMS and 15A Peak
  • Feedback - 2500 Line Incremental Encoder
  • I/O - 4 Digital Inputs / 3 Digital Outputs
  • Protection Functions - Over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, motor over-heat protection(I²T), short-circuit protection, drive over-heat protection, etc