What our customers built with our products

Customer Products Used  Application Picture
Hercules Props
R4040 Ballscrew
R2525 Ballscrew
Ballscrew supports
Profiled Rails
Three Axis AC servo system
AMT-PCI CNC Controller

Machine to manufacture Props for vintage aircraft.

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David Cranmer

SY17STH1684 Linear Stepper Motor

SFC 20 round rails

SMA20UU linear bearings

R1605 Machined ballscrew & associated parts.

Giant cylindrical phonograph controlled by space debris.

Project Adrift was created by Cath Le Couteur and Nick Ryan, and contains a number of elements including a film, an online interactive experience, and a sound installation.
You can visit the official website here. On this page I will concentrate mostly on documenting my involvement, which was building a machine. 

Would it be possible to record 1000 audio tracks onto a 1.5m long cylinder, then access them polyphonically depending on the orbiting paths of space debris passing overhead? 

It was a complex project, but worked very well in the end.
there's a comprehensive description of the build process here. 

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