10060 Gantry Style CNC Machine.

The 10060 CNC machine is designed and built in Poole in the UK; We have designed the 10060 specifically to accurately machine non-ferrous  metals like aluminium and brass, but works just as well on other materials like woods and plastics.

The 10060 CNC machine is 1060mm X 745mm X 600mm with a working area of 600mm(X) 325mm (Y) and 115mm (Z).

We are offering the 10060 in kit from and soon as a ready to work machine.  You are able to purchase each and every part of the machine individually or as a portion of the machine. (Axis)   This will allow you to build the machine in your own time without the need to finance the whole machine in one go

The main frame of the 10060 machine is manufactured from cast aluminium tooling plate (AW5083) with all of the linear motion parts pocketed into place to maximum accuracy and rigidity. This not only make the machine more accurate and rigid, but also aids with the assembly process by making sure all the parts are accurately placed and seated.

Please do not confuse this machine with other cheaper kits available from other companies, this machine has been specifically built for machining metal plate, and we even use the 10060 to manufacture its own parts so in essence it is a self-replicating machine.

When you purchase the parts or the complete kit, we will supply you with a full mechanical assembly instructions with diagrams and pictures to make assembling the machine as easy as possible, but if you are struggling we offer full online and email support free of charge.


 Model 10060
Work areas X/Y/Z (mm) 600mm / 320mm* / 115mm (400mm without covers)
Bench clamping area W × D (mm) 590mm x 1000mm
Space under Gantree (mm) 124mm
Machine Dimensions WxLxH (mm) 745mmx 1060mm x 600mm
Linear rail types Precision grade profiled rails on all axis (20mm on X and 15 on Y and Z)
Processing speed X/Y/Z  max. 800mm/min*
Repeat accuracy (mm) ± 0,01*
Drive motors Stepper motors, Closed Loop Stepper motors or AC Servo motors
Drive elements X/Y/Z C5 Ballscrews or C3 Ground.
Controller CSMIO Motion Controller working With Mach3 or Planet CNC or Eding CNC.
Weight (kg) approx. 200 KG
Software Needed Mach 3/4, PlanetCNC or Eding CNC

* Depending on options selected



  • Mist system or cold air gun options.
  • Selection of spindle motors including ATC, Air cooled spindles and 80mm round.
  • Tool height sensor
  • Servo or stepper motor systems.
  • C5 ballscrew as standard with options of C3.
  • T-slot table for easy of clamping of workpieces.
  • Vacuum bed.
  • Concertina bellows for added protection.
  • Available with or without hood.


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